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Income Disclaimer - Disclaimer

We do not, in principle, make any representations or statements. Shown income examples are always individual and non-transferable and can be changed at any time.

By using this website, you acknowledge and agree that we can not make any commitments, warranties, warranties or warranties of any kind regarding future prospects or profits of the Company. We only provide some examples of how the company could generate and expand profits in the future, based on all of our experiences so far, which can not be transferred to third parties. Any profit or income statement, as well as possible results and effects that may occur through the use of the products, are non-binding estimates and these may vary. There is no guarantee & assurance on our part that you will continue to achieve the profits & revenues or results listed in the examples / estimates.

If you still rely on the figures provided, you must accept that you bear the entire risk and we can not accept any liability for your actions and decisions. There is no assurance that any prior success or past results will result in profit or income. Nor can any previous success be used as an indication or interpreted for your future success. Any statements regarding income or profit can not be considered as "average income". Furthermore, we are not liable for state institutions,

Your implementation of law or law, or by third-party software damage, data gurgling or hacking, such as acceptance sites or online shops.