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About Us

Welcome to CoupeCoin.com

CoupeCoin was recently launched by our investment group based in Germany. We have a shared vision of elevating CoupeCoin to be a truly global brand.

We're an investor group from Germany with a shared vision to change the business of global online marketing, and to elevate it to a whole new level.

When becoming a site member, you will not only receive in-depth training packages, but additional tokens to create your own highly-coveted CoupeCoins. These coins can be offered, sold, or exchanged with your friends, and can even be exchanged for real products using the CoupeCoin online store. Our company is located in Delaware, USA, with a steady expansion into other countries such as Russia, China, and Germany.

CoupeCoin was intended to be as close as possible to the companies listed at over 60% of the American stock exchange. The CoupeCoin team is made up of experienced sales people and online marketers from diverse sectors such as insurance companies, banks, industry businesses and online businesses. Join us, as we prepare for the guaranteed upcoming cash withdrawal. But you'll have to hurry – we have limited spots available in our programs and the debut of CoupeCoin Mining starts on Sunday, February 12th, 2017 (make sure that you use the Blockchain Technology). Now is the time to act - become part of our community - become part of something greater


It does not matter whether you are young or old . . .

Whether you are a newbie marketer or an experienced marketer . . .

– We will position ourselves to suit you. To make sure you get involved and WIN BIG in your chosen markets.